David Hamer

David Hamer passed away in 2017.

David Hamer was born in the United Kingdom and educated there and in the United States as a physical chemist but he spent the greater part of his career away from the sciences. His interests were broadly mathematical and included classical cryptology - the study of codes and ciphers -particularly the German Enigma and other WW2 cipher systems. He was a keen, amateur astronomer and was, in addition, totally addicted to the Times (London) and Guardian crossword puzzles. He lectured extensively on the technological history of cryptology, is the author of a number of articles on Enigma and other cipher machines and made television appearances - most recently on the USA's Fox News Channel, BBC's Newsnight and on the National Geographic channel broadcast in both the UK and USA.

David was associated with the National Security Agency's [NSA] National Cryptologic Museum [NCM] in Fort Meade, MD as a member of the Executive Committee of the NCM Foundation, Vice-Chairman of the Acquisitions Committee and the Foundation's UK Liaison Officer. In 2013 he was presented with NSA's Commemorative Service Medal by that agency's Deputy Director, Mr. John C. 'Chris' Inglis. David was also an active member of the Crypto Simulation Group, a member of the Editorial Board of the academic journal Cryptologia and an Associate Editor of the UK-published Eye Spy magazine. In 2000 David was appointed Visiting Research Scholar by the Bletchley Park Trust, custodians of the cryptologic museum at Bletchley Park in the UK: in 2007 he was awarded the Freedom of Bletchley Park. Since 2002 he has been part of the organizing team for the 'Conflict' series of historical conferences held annually at Christ Church, Oxford. In 2014 he was selected to represent the UK's National Museum of Computing [TNMoC] at an international cryptologic conference in the United States and most recently was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of Robarts Ltd., a multi-faceted London-based company whose broad area of interests includes modern developments in intelligence gathering. David served as the historian for EnigmaMuseum.com starting in 2005.

Various career moves and appointments have resulted in a rather nomadic lifestyle. David made his home in the United States since the mid-1960's. Several long-term assignments have resulted in  periods of residence in Berlin, Paris and London. His travels have also taken him to India, Malta, Nigeria, North Africa and the Middle-East, and most of the countries of western Europe. He saw military service with the Royal Air Force in an intelligence role.

David's wife Joan, also a native of the UK, is retired from her position as an officer with a major U.S. bank.

15 June, 2017

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