The Bletchley Park Reports (first series) 



1 Codebreaking with the Colossus Computer Frank Carter
2 The German Battleships Peter Jarvis
3 Codebreaking with Colossus: Finding the K Wheel Settings Frank Carter
4 Codebreaking with Colossus: Finding the K Wheel Pattern Frank Carter
5 Getting Back into Shark John Gallehawk & Peter Wescombe
6 Japanese Codes Sue Jarvis
7 Convoys and the U-boats John Gallehawk
8 Bletchley Park and the Luftwaffe Peter Wescombe
9 The Enigma Machine and the Bombe Frank Carter & John Gallehawk
10 The First Breaking of Enigma Frank Carter
11 How the Enigma Secret was Nearly Revealed John Gallehawk
12 The Post Office and Fenny Stratford Repeater Station John Pether
13 Black Propaganda John Pether
14 Naval Events and Enigma 1942-3 John Gallehawk
15 The Polish Contribution John Gallehawk
16 The Turing Bombe Frank Carter
17 Funkers and Sparkers: Origins and Formation of the 'Y' Service John Pether
18 The Invasion of 1940 Peter Jarvis
19 Captain Oswald Tuck RN and the Bedford Japanese Language School Sue Jarvis
20 The Admiralty Operational Intelligence Centre Peter Jarvis
21 Fishing for Tunny John Pether
22 Naval  Intelligence in the Napoleonic Wars Peter Jarvis
23 Breaking Naval Enigma: Why it was so Difficult... Frank Carter

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Note: The reports are in the process of being revised, reprinted and renumbered. Prospective purchasers should check current numbering and content before ordering. Click link below to see the New Series Two BP Reports, which will gradually replace the first series

updated 03 June 2011

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