A few images of David and others
[See bottom of page for an explanation of the abbreviations used]

bill black.jpg (74607 bytes)
With W.B. 'Bill' Black - D/DIRNSA 2000-2006: NCM 2015

CCH_DH.jpg (49524 bytes)
With Drs. Tim Mucklow [L] and Bill Williams of NSA/CCH: NCM 2015

twombley.jpg (67475 bytes)
With NCMF Director Lisa Trombley: NCM 2015

hodges_1s.jpg (271174 bytes)
With Dr. Andrew Hodges, Oxford University mathematician
and Alan Turing's biographer: NCMF 2015

Selmer Norland.jpg (222569 bytes)
With Capt. Selmer Norland USA (retd.) - WW2 6813th SSD at BP -
and CWO USNR (retd.) George Keller: NSA/CCH 2013

Donovan.jpg (77966 bytes)
With Prof. Peter Donovan and Dr. Kent Sieg: NSA/CCH 2013

self__DDIR.JPG (52724 bytes)
With D/DIRNSA Chris Inglis and Dr. Whitfield Diffie:
Scott Massey, NCM Registrar, in background: NSA/NCM 2012

camo_s.jpg (1133694 bytes)
With 'Camouflage' co-directors Professors Mary Tarantino [L]
and Leslie Ferris [R] of OSU: NCMF 2012

Doug_Waller & David _Hamer.jpg (77992 bytes)
With author Douglas Waller: NCMF 2012

tree planting at BP.jpg (1000434 bytes)
Tree planting ceremony - VIP group: BP 2011

DJ_and_Bombe.jpg (904495 bytes)
With Joan and the rebuilt Bombe: BP 2011

lecturing_at_BP_2011.jpg (50920 bytes)
Lecturing on Enigma: BP 2011

DIRNSA_DH_Kahn.jpg (462097 bytes)
With DIRNSA Gen. Keith Alexander and author Dr. David Kahn: NCM 2010

Rosetta_2.jpg (108940 bytes)
With Joan and full-size replica of the Rosetta Stone: NCM 2009

Hamer_Jones_Faurer_Bingham_1271.jpg (100582 bytes)
With L-R: Generals 'Billy' Bingham, 'Tom' Jones and 'Linc' Faurer.
Behind Billy is author James Bamford: NCMF 2009

Hamer-Bamford-Kahn-Desch-Joan_1261_lge.jpg (150397 bytes)
With L-R: Debbie Desch-Anderson, Joan [back to camera]
and authors David Kahn and James Bamford: NCMF 2009

Richards_BP.jpg (230701 bytes)
L-R: David, Sir Francis Richards - former Director of GCHQ, Keith Batey, Mavis
[Lever] Batey, Kelsey Griffin [back to camera] and Dr. Brian Oakley: BP 2009

dandmavis_1jpg.jpg (147538 bytes)
With WW2 codebreaker and author Mavis Batey: BP 2009

Glenjimme.jpg (73556 bytes)
L-R: Glen Miranker, Jim Oram and David relax at Moore Place: BP 2009

harper_joan.jpg (40454 bytes)
With Dr. John Harper of the Bombe Rebuild Project and Joan: BP 2009

Joan and gryphon.jpg (68423 bytes)
With Joan and newly restored Gryphon: BP 2009

GCHQ team.jpg (306244 bytes)
GCHQ team - winners of the 'Best Hagelin exhibit' award: BP2009

with Tom Collins.jpg (72239 bytes)
With Tom Collins [AKA 'Sam Scram'] who served with the US Army's
6813th SSD at BP during WW2: NCMF 2007

Bonsall_1.jpg (53496 bytes)
With Major General John Morrison USAF [Retd.] and Sir Arthur Bonsall,
former Director of GCHQ. In the background Joan and Gen.  Morrison's
daughter Karen Sutton: NSA/CCH 2006.

davidandjack.jpg (598058 bytes)
With Jack Ingram - former NSA/NCM curator: NCMF 2006

Sally and Nigel.jpg (552875 bytes)
With authors Sally Wright and Nigel West: NSA/CCH 2005

Marc_G_E.jpeg (163530 bytes)
With Marc Simons, G-312, Enigma-E and map of BP: BP 2004

voytek.jpg (131085 bytes)
With Joan and Wojtek at London's Sikorski Institute: 2003

London Eye 2003.jpg (463624 bytes)
With Joan on the London Eye: 2003
[No idea who the fellow on the left is]

christchurch2003.jpg (324629 bytes)
With delegates at the Christ Church Oxford 'Conflict' conference: 2003

ACA_BP_2003.jpg (156663 bytes)
ACA conference banquet - L-R: Alan Cowap, David and Joan Hamer,
Leonard and Roveta Morgan, Alan Stripp and Joe Ofelein: BP 2003

levenson.jpg (192459 bytes)
With WW2 US Army and BP codebreaker Arthur Levenson in 2003

marge_arthur.jpg (296845 bytes)
With Marge [WW2 OSS] and Art Levenson [WW2 BP] in 2003

David_Paxman.jpg (85540 bytes)
With BBC's Jeremy Paxman at the G312 'recovery' celebration: BP 2002

G312_party.jpg (88201 bytes)
Police team and guests celebrate the recovery of Enigma G-312.
'Guest of honour' at the extreme left: BP 2002

kalugin.jpg (691077 bytes)
With former KGB Major General Oleg D. Kalugin in Washington DC: 2001

CSG_1.jpg (210863 bytes)
The Crypto Simulation Group at Kellogg College Oxford in 2000.
L-R: Ralph Erskine, Frode Weierud, David, Philip Marks, Geoff Sullivan

JAlex at BP.jpg (189812 bytes)
With John Alexander and Colossus at BP in 1998

DA-900_2.jpg (420291 bytes)
With Randall Kennedy in the Falcon 900: Paris Air Show 1987

mini_1.jpg (258405 bytes)
With Bill Stott during a rally in my first Mini: circa 1964

ACA = American Cryptogram Association.
BP = Bletchley Park Museum: UK.
DIRNSA = Director, National Security Agency.
D/DIRNSA = Deputy Director National Security Agancy
GCHQ = Government Communications Headquarters: UK.
KGB = Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti [Committee for State Security]: USSR.
NCM = NSA's National Cryptologic Museum.
NCMF = National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.
NSA = National Security Agency.
NSA/CCH = NSA's Center for Cryptologic History.
OSS = Office of Strategic Services [precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency].
OSU  = Ohio State University.

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