Cipher Machines etc. for Sale or Trade

Enigma machines, wheels and parts:
A collector in the United States has decided to offer for sale his 3-wheel Army/GAF Enigma together with a number of original and restored Enigma wheels, and other components. All items are complete, in first-class condition and are illustrated in detail -  for further details send email.

Another US collector wishes to dispose of several machines that are duplicates in his collection - click here for details.

Other Cipher machines, etc. currently available...
  1: Two Enigma wheels [rotors]. Location USA - email for details [picture]
  2: P- 014D: Russian hight-speed burst Morse encoder [codename DATCHIK]: location Sweden: email for details [picture].
  3: Transvertex HC-9: location Sweden - [picture] [HC-9 details]
  4: Transvertex HC-9: location USA - [picture]
  5: Transvertex HC-110E:location Sweden - [picture]
  6: Cryptoteknik C-446A: location Sweden - [picture]
  7: Hagelin CX-52: location Sweden - [picture] [picture]
  8: Crypto AG T-5512/1: location Sweden - [picture]


Stecker plugs/cords for Enigma. Reproduction - indistinguishable from original. Email for details [picture]
Reproduction 'low-profile' Enigma lamps: new manufacture - specification identical to original [picture]
Reproduction Enigma parts, cases, etc. made to order:email  for details.

updated 13 Deember 2015

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